PhD Programme

NCRM has been recognised by Acharya Nagarjuna University (ANU) for a PhD programme in stem cell research. The reserach leading to a doctorate could be done in NCRM or their collaborating centres and PhD will be awarded by the ANU as per their norms

Candidates who apply for the PhD Programme please be informed that as we are receiving several such requests every day, it may take few weeks or even a month for us to reply to you. Please bear with us till then

When you send the CV please clearly mention the category in the first page of CV, whether you are applying for :

1. NCRM Sponsored Candidates : Candidates who have completed 3 years of work tenure in NCRM ; Eligible for a Stipend from NCRM during the PhD tenure.

2. Self-Sponsored Candidates: Physicians who want to do Clinical related Projects with the help of NCRM's Expertise in Basic Research, Translational Studies and Stem Cell Services will fit into this.

3. Project Sponsoring Candidates: Candidates who are interested in Sponsoring a Research Project of NCRM ; They may choose to do PhD in that project itself (The New Projects available for Sponsoring will be intimated during the selection process). The Candidates also may propose projects of their own and in that case the entire expenses related to the projects will be borne by themselves

P.S: Category number 2 & 3 are not eligible for stipend from NCRM during the PhD tenure.

To apply for PhD Programme, send your CV with query to